Ogilvy Identity

Challenge David Ogilvy said that “change is our lifeblood.” In a world of emerging channels, new technologies, machine intelligence, and empowered customers; the advertising industry is experiencing change at an accelerated rate. So Ogilvy, one of the most storied creative agencies in the world, invited us to help build a stronger, future-facing version of itself. The company was already in the process of streamlining the organization as we began the task of giving logic to a new brand architecture and designing a new identity. We started with a deep appreciation of the project’s potential. And we were honored to partner with our friends to meet this challenge. Solution Ogilvy offices around the globe already define a powerful creative network, but additional steps were needed to align this network with the needs of the future. As the company dissolved internal obstacles and divisions, COLLINS began by clarifying internal cultural values: Creativity would no longer remain the domain of any one “creative department.” Each employee, regardless of their individual skill set, is charged with driving the company’s creativity and thinking, overall. The visual identity system has its roots in Ogilvy’s history. The new logo, the center of the identity program, transitioned from David Ogilvy’s signature — the mark of one person — to a redrawn version of David Ogilvy’s favorite British typeface, Baskerville — thus becoming the mark of many people. This work, done with and for our friends, aspires to leave Ogilvy well-prepared to meet the opportunities of tomorrow, while still remaining connected to their remarkable past.